In order to honour this legendary restaurant and its fantastic family tradition, the idea was put forward to create a range of wines to reflect this proud history and brilliant cooking.  The wines are produced by Bodegas Murviedro, in Requena, by award-winning winemaker Juanjo Muñoz & his team of dedicated oenologists.

Murviedro celebrate their 90th anniversary in 2017 and the winery has grown to become one of the most important wineries in the Valencia region.  The winery is state-of-the-art, and everything from harvest to labelling is handled in-house, to ensure absolute quality and reliability.

The brief for La Pepica was to produce two great-value, easy-drinking wines that would be perfect for casual dining with fantastic Spanish food and encapsulate the best of the Spanish sunshine.

View of the Peniscola port. Valencia, Spain



To find the best grapes for the La Pepica wines, Murviedro did not have to travel far – they were growing local to Valencia!  Wine production near Valencia is a tradition that stretches back thousands of years.

Well-drained sandy soils and a mediterranean climate provide a fantastic growing environment for a diverse collection of grape varieties.  Valencia is one of a handful of exciting, progressive winemaking regions in Spain producing unique, drinkable and great value wines.